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Nowhere is the competition for talent more intense than in the warp-speed world of Silicon Valley. Candidates with in-demand skills and experience face a barrage of recruiting outreach, and differentiating your company and career opportunities from this noise is vital. Choosing the right recruiting partner is a critical step in this process.

We work with companies seeking a nimble, well-connected search firm capable of discretely and professionally managing a broad range of projects on their behalf. From retained and contingent Direct-Hire Search, to Managed Staffing (RPO) and Contract Placement, our services were developed to help you scale efficiently and effectively with minimal up-front cost. Contact us today to learn how you can make our experience and candidate network your competitive advantage.

Our Services

Retained & Contingent Direct-Hire Search

Managed Staffing (RPO)

Contract & Contract-Hire Placement

Product Expertise

Security, Networking,
IoT, Big Data,
Cloud & Datacenter, SaaS,
Storage, Ad Tech,
Mobile, Social, Gaming

Functional Expertise

Executive Leadership,
R&D, Test/QA,
Engineering Services, IT, Product Management, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Supply Chain

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