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Customized, High-Touch Startup Staffing Solutions For Every Size And Stage

Perhaps nowhere is the competition for talent more intense than in the warp-speed world of Silicon Valley. Candidates with highly sought skills and experience are bombarded with daily recruiting outreach that is often poorly targeted and presented, and differentiating your company and career opportunities from this noise is vital to your success. Choosing the right staffing partner is a critical step in this process.

We work with companies seeking a nimble, well-connected partner capable of discretely and professionally managing a broad range of projects on their behalf, and we deliver customized staffing solutions based upon their size and stage. With over 100 years of experience building and growing technology startups, our team has the candidate network, product domain knowledge and track record necessary to help you compete and succeed. Contact us today to learn more.

Managed Staffing (RPO)

On-site and virtual RPO Services. Customized and integrated with your internal teams for seamless delivery and complete visibility.

Direct-Hire Search

Collaborative Retained, Contingent and Contained Search Services that deliver results with minimal up-front cost and risk.

Temporary Staffing

Temp and Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services. Fill gaps in teams, staff closed-ended projects, or engage potential employees risk-free.

Would you like to take your ability to identify, engage, assess and close top technical and professional talent to the next level?